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Hi dear readers!
I got the lovely chance to organize a giveaway sponsored by Rosewholesale!
The prize is a 20 dollars giftcard (the giftcard includes items and shipping). All items are very cheap and so you can buy what you want!For new inscriptions on the website you can get up to 50$ cash coupon!! Amazing don’t you think?

1) FOLLOW MY BLOG WITH GFC (the blue button “Unisciti a questo sito”)


3) SHARE IT ON FACEBOOK (don’t forget to set the privacy to “public”!), you can share the giveaway from HERE.

You can gain more entries if you follow me on other social networks:

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4) leave a comment on my blog with your references (GFC NAME, FACEBOOK NAME, SHARED LINK, OTHER ACCOUNTS NAMES) + link of your favorite item from the shop! 

I’ll check carefully every entry so I will be really glad if you all join the giveaway correctly, for any doubt about it you can ask me without problem!
 The giveaway will end on 12 August!


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